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November 11th, 2019 · 1 min read

Sem ends mean running back and forth in our college corridors, begging teachers to make up for attendance shortage. These sprints are also prevalently seen when it comes to assignment submission deadlines, because overcoming the infamous 22.5 barrier is indeed a matter of life and death for the whole lot of us or even running to the honesty shop to grab that last sheet of graph paper because the final record submission would be due in 10 minutes and need I say about the gazillion times we walk till our shoes wear off to get an approval or a signature! These corridors also see us loitering around aimlessly going in rounds around the quadrangle, where the water coolers placed diagonally are our pitstops to socialise and share a chali or two or maybe even look in the people passing by, for that one special person! They witness us on our bad days, when we can barely pull ourselves together to make it to college and on the other hand they also see us on our happy best days, be it during bharatham screaming the name of our house or even laughing hysterically, leaning onto those metal rails, reminiscing a joke that happened the previous hour or having a soulful conversation over a cup of steaming hot machine coffee. 4 years of walking through the same corridors every single day might sound mundane and utterly monotonous but I believe by the time we graduate these corridors and the good times it gave us will become a part of our lives, etched in our memories forever.

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