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Deco done right !

November 12th, 2019 · 1 min read

No metaphor can express the level of excitement and energy that students of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology possess and display during the preparation phase of Techkshetra 2k19. The fest is an opportunity to leave the ever so routine life of sitting in lecture halls behind and think out of the box and create something really innovative and breath-taking. And if there was a gauge to measure the level of excitement, without doubt there would be no set of people more apt than the members of the decoration committee. I mean just come to the central lawn and look up to the sky. There is an instant therapeutic effect. The mind just freshens and instantly becomes clear. It is simply so soothing to see all these colours fill our hearts and instil a feeling of positivity. And how beautifully is the logo of Techkshetra 2k19 placed at the centre. The best scene is seen post noon when the shadow falls right on the lawn! Oh my world! What a view! Everyday somewhere near the Chavara hall and KE block, a set of industrious students are working really hard to make the campus look the way they dreamed it to be by this Saturday. The days are less but they are never short of zeal. They dynamism is simply contagious. We all are excited for 16th November, 2019 and a lot of credit goes to this motivated team of exceptionally creative and gumptious deco team! We’re all proud of you guys! Mark the date, reader. 16th November, 2019. Come and feel alive as Techkshetra goes live!

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