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Dear Diary

November 7th, 2019 · 1 min read

7th November, 2019 10:20pm

Dear diary, Oh how much I had waited for this day! Finally, the internal examinations are over! My eyes are surrounded by big dark circles but bigger is the spark in them. I can already hear the sound of trumpets. Techkshetra is just eight days away! Today evening, I saw the deco team creating the list of their utilities. The website would be up any given moment! The list of workshops is ready! Posters look dapper! Oh wait! I think one workshop is scheduled for this Monday itself! Does this mean the festival of technology starts three days from now? Oh, that explains all the colourful WhatsApp and Instagram statuses i was seeing whole day! And those cute forwarded texts too! Oh yes! The ones with adorable emojis!! Hey diary, they plan to make a blog out of our everyday conversations! How rude right? I mean where are the privacy laws? Well deal with that later! As of now, Im excited for 16th November, 2019! I believe its gonna be one of the best technical fests ever! Too much hype huh? Its gonna be worth the hype! I believe that! So should you!

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