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Chayakada-the sweetest memory of every Rajagirian

November 2nd, 2019 · 1 min read

Every rajagirian would have a memory to fonder in their life in Rajagiri.There is something common for all of us, ‘Chayakada’ a nostalgic feel when you turn back after college. It is not just a place you go for food , it is where the chattering chefs can be heard from the benches, joking and teasing or perhaps singing loudly and out of tune. From being the gossiping territory to witnessing a plethora of emotions and heart breaking moments, chayakada has seen it all. The special flavour of ‘love’ that is being added to every food item by Patrick de Slyvia chettan and Maggie chechi just adds up more to the vibrant feeling that it very much produces. It has the magic of double ‘f’ -Food and Friends that drives you to come to chayakada as often as you can. As the bell rings signifying the start of 10 minutes break, all of us perk up forgetting all the burden. There will be a bustle towards the chayakada and the college comes alive. The chayakada builds up an ambience of rendezvous where you would love to spend all day with your friends keeping away all hassles of mundane living.

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