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A Walk Down The Memory Lane

November 3rd, 2019 · 1 min read

Have you ever walked through our college gates on a holiday?  A day when you’re not expected to maintain any strict decorum, when you don’t have a deadline for six assignments and a project report or when the system is not draining your mojo! I have. And it’s simply spell bounding. Rajagiri, with its state of the art architecture and aesthetically appealing charm is sure to sweep you off your feet. The lakeside pine trees, whispering while the wind caresses your cheeks is something every Rajagirian is blessed to have experienced. Many found love, many hearts broke, many strong friendships were formed and Rajagiri has witnessed it all. No Rajagirian can ever deny that the names or pictures they carved into the wooden desks of their classes meant something to them. It held emotional value.  No matter how many years go by or how different a person we turn out to be, we will miss Rajagiri. Every time we walk through its gates, we will remember our college anthem blaring through the speakers.  Because after all, Rajagiri is not just about its scenic beauty! It’s about the memories that we will cherish forevermore.

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